Gentle Determination

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions because by now, in February I've already gone off track. This year I have a reminder though, Clyde (pictured above), he is the manifestation of my new mantra for Art and Life..."Gentle Determination and Quiet Persistence." After many who have been sacrificed before him (May they R.I.P) and two years of tending...Clyde the Orchid has finally re-bloomed! Oh, I may need to change his name!

Our critics (inside and out) are loud and unrelenting. Our critics think they are helping but don't know all the current facts or when to let go. They can overshadow our quiet and determined Soul. What I have found works best in the long-running struggle with my critics is to acknowledge and thank them for their "opinion", become aware of what is really true and continue on, gently, one small step at a time. I am also reminded to do this myself each time I help one of my students struggle with their own critics..