About the Instructor

PrairieArt Studio Founder - Michelle Stanley

PrairieArt Studio Founder - Michelle Stanley


Michelle Stanley has a BA in Art & Design and a certificate in Early Childhood Education, studying fine art at UW Madison and Design at Columbia College Chicago. She is a professional artist and art teacher, with prior experience as a Graphic Designer. She taught pre-school and previously managed a busy music school that provided private lessons to students. Some of her favorite media to work with include acrylic and watercolor painting, pastels, graphite, pen and ink, as well as glass, metal, and stone for modern mosaics.

Michelle completed the EduArts Certification Course Internship and is one of the select number of instructors to teach the program. This curriculum was specially designed by Mona Brookes, author of "Drawing with Children," as well as "Drawing for Older Children & Teens:A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too" and founder of the Monart Drawing School. 

Artist"s Statement: 

As an artist, I strive to create art pieces that celebrate the beauty, mystery and struggles of life. I am intrigued by the inherent, transferable, and connected nature of the energy of everything  in our universe.  As a sensitive seeker, observer, and teacher, I am constantly questioning what is true. Color, texture, emotions, ideas and moments inspire me to express these concepts.

I aim for simplicity and boldness in my paintings to express the essence of a time and place yet still leave space for contemplation.  In drawing, I like to explore concepts or moods. My mosaic work allows me to move away from the flat surface and to let the energy  and beauty of the natural materials speak through texture, reflected light and movement.  It is my hope that through my work and teaching I will inspire a dialogue that invites others to question and connect to what is true within them.

Michelle has four children and, in addition to art, enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, horseback riding, learning knew things, and traveling. She loves to teach, nurture and inspire her student's artistic creativity.